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Rise to top

$1000 Winner Takes All

Dash For Cash Sim Racing EventDa


For years sim racers have seen our sport grow thru services like iracing.com which brought us real events that are pushing our community past video game world. It is time we took the next step to make our form of entertainment legitimate with big events that will cement our place in racing world. Get ready for the excitement of real payouts and real broadcasts that will push sim racers into same history that winners of Daytona, Indy, Monaco and Bathhurst have relished in.

The bump and runs of Bristol, the last lap passes of Indy, the daunting task of Mt.Panorama and the blurred lines of Eldora await our names and place in the new virtual racing history that is upon us.

It is my mission to help bring the money and excitement into big events that we can be a part of....does your name belong in sim racing history?